BMW X8 Production Decision Due 2018

If approved, the production model won’t follow the recipe used for the X4 and X6. The X7 isn’t even out yet in production form, but BMW is already analyzing the prospects of adding another SUV at the top of the company’s offerings. As a matter of fact, rumors of a potential X8 emerged back in… Continue reading BMW X8 Production Decision Due 2018

Honda Gets to Work with CBR1000RR-Powered Lawnmower

Honda slapped a Fireblade engine in its record-setting racing lawnmower, and now chores around HQ get done faster. A few years ago, Honda and its British Touring Car partner Team Dynamics pieced together a lawnmower powered by 109 horsepower Honda VTR Super Hawk engine. Dubbed The Mean Mower, it was used to set a world-speed-record… Continue reading Honda Gets to Work with CBR1000RR-Powered Lawnmower

Tired of Traffic Jams? Porsche’s ‘Flying Cars’ Might Be The Solution Within The Next Ten Years !!

How many times have you been stuck in choc-a-bloc traffic or bumper-to-bumper jams, and wished for a superpower that enables you to fly over the long queue of cars? Well, this might actually come true within the ten years. At least that’s what German automobile manufacturer, Porsche, is aiming for. News reports state that Porsche… Continue reading Tired of Traffic Jams? Porsche’s ‘Flying Cars’ Might Be The Solution Within The Next Ten Years !!

Batman’s Lamborghini Huracan Performante Shows Up in Germany with Golden Details

There’s nothing new about the Lamborghini badge being associated with Batman. After all, Bruce Wayne does drive multiple Raging Bulls in various installments of the franchise. Nevertheless, this connection usually involves V12 models, whether we’re talking about the said motion pictures or fan-customized machines like the Lamborghini Batventador.

PHOTOS! Chicago Auto Show 2018

All the coolest Chicago show cars from Toyota, Subaru, Dodge, and more There’s more to the 2018 Chicago Auto Show than you may think — from a mean-looking concept connected to a new action movie to the latest variant of an extremely powerful three-row SUV, there’s a car for every type of enthusiast.

The Rise of the Robot Toaster Vans

Cities around America have been tripping over one another for Amazon’s affection, hoping to bring the online retailer’s new headquarters to town. But at the same time, car and tech companies have started a quieter competition—one that will decide who will dominate the future of ferrying all those online purchases to your home.