Audi To Adopt A New Approach To Design

Audi will do away with the ‘Russian doll’ design philosophy it has become synonymous with, in order to give upcoming models more defined looks. Like its German rivals Mercedes and BMW, the Ingolstadt carmaker’s designers, in the recent years, have employed a technique of consistency across the bulk of its line-up. However, since the launch… Continue reading Audi To Adopt A New Approach To Design

Koenigsegg Agera RS1 New York 2017

New York 2017 Koenigsegg revealed the Agera RS in Geneva back in 2015, and swiftly sold all 25 examples that would be built. Now, at the New York Auto Show, the Swedish supercar manufacturer has unveiled the special Agera RS1, named such by its owner, who, with his son, had a hand in customizing its… Continue reading Koenigsegg Agera RS1 New York 2017

High Speed Chase Police Beatdown

There is by all accounts nothing more that the American populace loves to see on the local news than a police chase. High speeds, loads of miles voyaged – ridiculous should, as much as possible. What’s more, we say crazy on the grounds that, outside of Hollywood in any event, it never works out well… Continue reading High Speed Chase Police Beatdown